...starting at $5! Our instructors are here to be sure you learn new techniques, sweat, and have fun during your workout. Most classes are held in the gymnasium; the left-hand door will be open about 15 minutes prior to class start time for those wanting to attend a class. Upon arrival, sign in, pay the instructor, and have fun! Please see the calendar for our current schedule.

Special Events

Jazzercise logo

The original dance party workout! Blending dance with Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, and strength training in one 55-minute session which can burn up to 800 calories. Click the link below to register with

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green silhouettes line dancing
Line Dancing

  • $5 Members
  • $7 Non-Members
green silhouettes in martial arts forms
Cardio Punch & Kick

  • $5 Members
  • $10 Non-Members
Zumba logo

Led by certified instructor Tana, Zumba is a fitness program that involves cardio and Latin-inspired dance.

  • $5 Members
  • $10 Non-Members
black silhouettes of children playing
Kid's Activity Gym

This class, designed for kids ages 2-4, involves games, stretching, basic gymnastic skills, but mostly fun!

  • $5 per child
a wall of weights and exercise equipment
Floor, Core, and More

Led by Brenda, this 1 hour circuit class focuses on core and cardio, ending with a mat workout.

  • $5 per person
a person tying shoes
Train with the Trainer

Train with exercise physiologist Branda Burns in this 1-hour heart-pumping class designed for students to become familiar with the entire weight room.

  • $5 per person