Once you become a member you receive a unique door code that you can use to enter the facility 24/7 through the door on the right. Your code will remain yours to use for as long as your membership remains current.
Most of time, this issue is due to membership dues being paid late. Please call us at (815) 624-7663 for a temporary code. We will investigate why your code is not working and resolve the issue.
Yes. The door on the left provides access to our class space and it is open prior to the class beginning. Come on in! You pay your instructor the class fee at the time of the class.
Each class varies based on class time. Evenings tend to be more full than early morning classes. The gym is large and can accommodate very large groups.
Occasionally, we have to cancel due to poor weather or instructor emergencies. Cancellations will be posted to our Facebook page. If you are concerned, you can always call us to double check.
Office hours are unscheduled. Please call for an appointment.
We do not offer supervised child care at The Fitness Zone. There is a dedicated room your children can play in while you work out, but you are responsible for their supervision.
A guest can accompany a member for $10/day. The member must call us prior to arrival. Guest must complete a waiver and put the fee and completed waiver in the dues box.